AMS SEKUSHI HR Y-Pipe, Straight Pipe - Nissan 350Z 370Z / Infiniti G35 G37 Q40 Q50 Q60 RWD

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AMS SEKUSHI Exhaust Y-Pipe, Straight Pipe - Nissan 350Z 370Z / Infiniti G35 G37 Q40 Q50 Q60 RWD



Prepare for the ultimum "SEKUSHI" Y-PIPES for your VQ! Japanese for Sexy these units are without comparison on the marketplace! You get everything with these Y-Pipes not offered by the other variants. We looked at all the offerings on the market over the years and incorporated what was lacking into making these simply put "Perfect". The design incorporates quick connect Straight Pipe, Resonator and Hi-Flow Cats for simple swapping and upgrading if desired! The features are abundant and superiour to all offerings on the market. We have gone super extreme and even offer a Full Titanium Version for ultimate baller status - first and only offering globally for this platform in this style! Here are the features setting it apart from everything else on the market: -2.5" collectors merge into a 3" exit for smooth exhaust flow and max power! -Offered in Full Titanium for Maximum Weight reduction, ultimate appearance and ultimate sound achieved using this material Titanium Straight Pipe option weighs only 6.9 lbs! -Our Stainless Steel is 304 not the cheaper versions used on all other Y-Pipes we have seen. -The flanges are "real" Stainless Steel and not cheap "CHROME" coated regular steel like the others -Our welds are Laser TIG welded for strength/durability and appearance unlike the cheap welds on the others -The support brackets are 304 Stainless Steel as well and TIG welded as well -Gaskets included and hardware -made to order and delivery times of 2-3 weeks plus shipping (if express option chosen for delivery). Not waiting weeks and months like others -Perfect match for our AMS SEKUSHI Down-Pipes PICTURES SHOW THE BLUE FULL TITANIUM UNITS - these are custom order parts and subject to our ordering policy posted online for custom parts. Stainless Steel units are polished stainless and the normal stocking units. What are you waiting for! FITMENT (does not fit AWD): 2003- 2007 - G35 COUPE VQ35DE 2007 - G35 COUPE VQ35DE (REV-UP MANUAL) 2007 - G35 SEDAN VQ35HR 2007 - 350Z CONVERTIBLE ROADSTER VQ35HR 2003-2007 - 350Z COUPE VQ35HR 2008 - G35 SEDAN VQ35HR 2008 - G37 COUPE VQ37VHR 2008 - 350Z CONVERTIBLE ROADSTER VQ35HR 2008 - 350Z COUPE VQ35HR 2009 - 2020 370Z/G37 VQ37VHR 2014 - Q50 SEDAN VQ35HR (HYBRID) 2014 - Q50 SEDAN VQ37VHR 2014 - Q60 CONVERTIBLE VQ37VHR 2015 - Q40 SEDAN VQ37VHR 2015 - Q50 SEDAN VQ35HR (HYBRID) 2015 - Q50 SEDAN VQ37VHR 2015 - Q60 CONVERTIBLE VQ37VHR 2015 - Q60 COUPE VQ37VHR 2016-2017 Q50 SEDAN VQ35HR (HYBRID)

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