AMS Exhaust Manifold Fastener Kit V2

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AMS Exhaust Manifold Gasket and fastener Kit V2
Get the best Fastener Kit on the market! -6 Layer Stainless Steel T25 Flange Exhaust Gaskets which are OEM thickness. The cheap 1 layer units will disintegrate and are not stainless steel! -Grade 10 Flanged Locking Style Nuts which are coated for the Exhaust Manifolds to Head and Turbo to Manifold - once again the cheap unit online do not lock are not coated and zero grading identified - buyer beware! -2x Shorter Manifold to Head Studs for ease of install - the cheaper kits do not supply this! -this is the kit standard with our V2 Max-Flow Exhaust Manifolds

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