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Willall WR35DC GTR Rear Differential Cooler
Keeping the rear differential temperature of the R35 GTR in check and at acceptable levels requires external cooling, and we have achieved this with a fresh new Willall Racing cooling product. They call their R35 GTR Rear Differential cooler WR35DC and it's fully engineered from top to bottom as all our products are to work seamlessly on a track orientated or hard driven R35 GTR without cutting or drilling anything. As you can see this is a fully comprehensive kit as per other Willall Racing products. Nothing needs to be cut, shut, moved, or modified to fit these parts, with the result being to cool the high operating temperatures of the rear differential that can run to an excess of 270F in the right hard driven conditions (and closer to a constant 210F when WR35DC cooled). A CNC machined mounting bracket, 13 row cooler, high pressure and temperature crimped lines and every other nut, bolt, fitting, and mounting part you need. WR35DC mounts up behind the rear differential, but before the exhaust system in holes that already exist in the factory R35 GTR crossmember. There are a couple of reasons for this mounting position, but the very first is to get air from the underbody transmission air scoop, and the second is to allow for ANY conventional aftermarket exhaust system. Correct - WR35DC will mount with any aftermarket exhaust, regardless of brand. We know this as it sits behind the sway bar travel arc without any interference. Some neat touches that show the full level of the engineering we have put into this product are - 1) A new air deflector system from under the rear differential that bolts in place of the factory part and provides adequate clearance. 2) A 'Jacking Point' adapter that bolts to the undertray and means you can still jack the car off the factory point without damaging anything or pushing against any part of the WR35DC Rear Differential Cooler system when changing tires at the track. For those that already have a Willall Racing WR35TC or TC-F GR6 Transmission Cooler we have a 'double pump' loom extension that plugs in place to drive the differential pump without any wiring modification. If you have the WR35TC or TC-F then the WR35DC will be triggered by the existing transmission temperature thermostat that is already in the system. Otherwise its a manual switch system we provide with the kit with an indicator light to show when the cooling pump is activated. Test data from Mallala International Raceway for WR35DC R35 GTR Rear Differential Cooler - General testing observations - Weather cool and mild, 'green' track conditions. Testing equipment - JK Thermocouple unit Temperature probe placed in the differential pump line to measure temperature at the outlet of the differential (pre-cooler) Test 1: WR35DC Cooler Status OFF Mode: A test of differential temperature without cooling Ambient: 64F REAR DIFFERENTIAL TEMPERATURE (Transmission Temperature in brackets with WR35TC-F Cooler running) Lap1: 258F (203F) Lap2: 266F (212F) Lap3: 277F (232F) Lap4: 286F (236F) Lap5: 292F (242F) Lap6: 294F (244F) STABILISE REAR DIFF TEMP - 290F PEAK TRANSMISSION TEMPERATURE - 244F Test 2: WR35DC Cooler Status ON Mode: Testing the WR35DC Differential Cooler effect on both differential and transmission Ambient: 66F REAR DIFFERENTIAL TEMPERATURE (Transmission Temperature in brackets with WR35TC-F Cooler running) Lap1: 247F (207F) * WR35DC Switched on at the end of the first lap to get 'up to temperature' Lap2: 241F (216F) Lap3: 230F (228F) Lap4: 232F (236F) Lap5: 231F (234F) Lap6: 229F (237F) STABILISE REAR DIFF TEMP - 230F PEAK TRANSMISSION TEMPERATURE - 242F If you studied the data above you will see that quite obviously the rear differential is in need of major cooling, as it builds temperature very quickly, and then acts as a preheater on the back of the transmission assembly. Removing heat from the differential then not only preserves the life of the differential fluid it has also shown - in this test - to have a positive effect on transmission temperature at the same time. The value of adding such a system to the GTR is clear from these positive and decisive test results.

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