Custom Body / Paint / Kit Installs

For those who are wanting to improve the appearance of their ride, a spectacular looking paint job can be key.

There are a number of reasons to get your vehicle painted. It could be the result an accident or vandalism. You may want to recondition your car to factory specs, or you may be adding a body kit and wing to make your ride your own. Regardless of the reason behind it, it's important to ensure that you have an experienced body person using high-quality paint and equipment doing the work on your vehicle.

The old adage "you get what you pay for" is usually bang-on in the autobody realm. Some franchises have super low prices, but will do little to no prep on the vehicle prior to spraying it. You'll see a lot of over-spray, many imperfections, and it simply will not last.

AMS refers many clients for factory paint work, custom mixing, and for body work, including the installation of body kits and wings. In doing this, AMS strives to ensure that all its affiliates in the autobody realm have experienced technicians, provide detail oriented and excellent quality work, have competitive pricing, use up-to-date equipment, and employ environmentally friendly practices.

This is just another example of the every day service offered by AMS that has helped to make us Canada's #1 choice since 1992!

Recommended Autobody Establishments - Eastern Canada (Greater Toronto Area, ON)

AMS' first choice is Custom Coaches, who specializes in complete automotive body work and OEM & custom paint finishing. Aside from working on cars, Custom Coaches can also help you with your truck, SUV, motorcycle, boat, and more! Customs Coaches' Hitech Airsystems Baking Spray Booth reduces spraying and drying times by more than half and ensures perfectly computer controlled paint application, regardless of outside temperatures. The triple filtration system ensures a flawless finish and the cleanest air possible. Additional features include:

• 24 hour towing & Accident Support Line
• free vehicle detailing on insurance claim work
• environmentally friendly facility produces less emissions than the competition
• licensed Ministry Structural Inspection Station (requires Class A licensed techs to inspect/measure vehicles
• precise frame alignment rack and fully computerized 3-D measuring system (meets all manufacturer's specifications)

Visit Custom Coaches here:

Recommended Autobody Establishments - Western Canada (Lower Mainland, BC)

AMS' first choice is..... coming soon!