Warranties & Legal


AMSMOTORSPORTS “LIFETIME” WARRANTY AMSMOTORSPORTS products carry a "no questions asked" Limited Lifetime Warranty policy. AMSMOTORSPORTS will replace the original product irrespective of the defect in product, . ALL Warranty claims ‘must’ be accompanied by an original sales receipt from AMSMOTORSPORTS or an authorized dealer. AMSMOTORSPORTS RECOMMENDS ALL INSTALLATIONS TO BE INSTALLED BY PROFESSIONALS. Any issues should be addressed prior to attempting to install any AMSMOTORSPORTS product. ALL products returned for a warranty claim must be returned to AMSMOTORSPORTS PREPAID shipping and any importation charges. Shipping warranty items back to clients are subject to additional shipping fess as well. AMSMOTORSPORTS will provide a quotation on a case by case basis. Warranty applies to the item only and does not include any other associated costs, such as labour. No warranty will be valid if the defect was caused by abuse, negligence, mishandling, or improper installation. To submit a warranty claim, please contact amsmotorsports.com for authorization prior to shipping the item. ACCIDENT CLAIMS AMSMOTORSPORTS will assist clients with any insurance claims resulting from an accident where an AMSMOTORSPORTS product has been damaged. Please contact AMSMOTORSPORTS for further details. ADDITIONAL GUIDLEINES: - AMSMOTORSPORTS will use Canada Post/USPS for shipping back warranty items and will provide quotations. Additional shipping will apply for Fed-Ex or DHL express shipping. - Replacements are subject to availability. - Claims need to be accompanied with a copy of the original receipt. Additionally pictures of the product's issue will aid in processing the claim. Discounts will be provided to clients that have lost the original receipt on a replacement item. - Electronic items are not covered by the AMSMOTORSPORTS LIFETIME Warranty - If items are out of stock the claim will be placed on a priority Back Order Status.

Product Specifications

Specifications, design, materials, and recommendations are subject to change without prior notice. All information presented on the amsmotorsports.com website was true and correct at the time of its posting.

Legality of Products

amsmotorsports.com offers a wide variety of items designed to improve the performance of Nissan vehicles. Laws, regulations, and rules regarding the use of some or all of these items will vary in different countries, provinces, states, municipalities, and cities. Items to upgrade performance relating to the engine (including turbocharging and supercharging), exhaust system, and fuel injection system are designed for off-road use only and are not legal in Canada or the USA for use upon a highway, unless otherwise specified. amsmotorsports.com cannot and will not guarantee the legality of the use or installation of any item in your particular area. amsmotorsports.com highly recommends that you contact your local law makers and/or law enforcement agency as to the legalities involving the items prior to purchase. Violation of any laws may subject the owner and/or operator of the vehicle to fines, penalties, suspensions, and/or imprisonment.


AMS highly recommends the installation of all items be performed by certified professionals. Improper installation may lead to unsafe and unreliable conditions. All products installed incorrectly will not be covered under any warranty and will not be accepted as a return.

Items sold on amsmotorsports.com will alter the OEM-specifically designed and engineered specifications of the vehicle they are installed on. This includes, but is not limited to, the following: performance and handling characteristics, fuel economy, electrical and charging system, and emissions output. All products sold by amsmotorsports.com are solely intended for off-road use only and are installed on the customer’s vehicle at their own discretion and risk. AMS & amsmotorsports.com assume absolutely no liability for any damages sustained to any vehicle, or any injury or death to any person, as a result of AMS-branded and non-AMS-branded products, or by way of their installation or use, or as a result of driving characteristics displayed by the person, either directly or indirectly, at any time.